The sheep are back

Sheep-04409The sheep arrived back on site Tuesday 9th September to carry out the essential grazing management that helps to keep the wild flower grassland in good shape.

If you take your dogs onto the reserve PLEASE keep them on a lead where there are sheep and under close control at all times.

Last year for the first time in several years we avoided any sheep fatalities caused by dogs, and are keen for this to continue. 

As always visitors’ vigilance and co-operation are appreciated in keeping an eye out for any problems. Let the Reserve Manager know by email, or for less urgent matters via the contact form, if you see any of the following:

  • Sick or injured sheep
  • Stray sheep
  • Damaged fences or signs, open gates
  • Loose or uncontrolled dogs
  • Leaking or dry troughs

The additional ‘eyes and ears’ that you provide can assist us greatly in managing the grazing season without incident. The grazing will start in paddock 4 (South-East corner near the Cricket Club) and continue over the rest of the Reserve for 6-8 weeks.

Chris Gardiner

Senior Reserve Manager