Butterfly Monitoring on the Reserve

The Butterfly season has started honestly! A cold April has meant there have only been three or four days showing suitable temperatures and weather conditions to monitor the butterflies on the reserve. The three visits undertaken have yielded few butterflies but the brave over wintering Peacocks have appeared and Brimstones can be seen particularly along the wooded section of the public footpath on the south side of the reserve.

The annual monitoring follows a defined walk around the reserve. The route has remained the same for 35 years even if the density of shrubs, trees and grazing of the reserve have brought about significant changes. The results of the annual monitoring, with records going back to 1981, can be found on the UKBMS website


As the weather warms up and the flowers progress so will the butterflies. Visit the reserve to see what you can spot or keep track of sightings on this or the UKBMS websites. Please feel free to submit your sightings of butterflies or other fauna or flora via the SIGHTINGS page of this website.