Annual Man Orchid Survey Results

A very big thank you to all those who came along not just from the “Friends” but also other local wildlife and botany groups. Your help to make this task manageable was very much appreciated and as always Chris’s guidance and instructions kept us roughly on the right track!

The sixteen volunteers surveyed the four historic survey areas this year and yielded results as follows:

Plot A – compartment 2 – (adjacent to main car park – 9 (8)

Plot B – compartment 1- “centre” of reserve – 24 (42)

Plot C – compartment 1 –  middle area – 94 (143)

Plot D – compartment 3 – adjacent to gate to village – 9 (35)

(figures in brackets last years totals)

With a total of 136 this is somewhat down on last years 228 and very much short of the numbers seen on the reserve in the  mid 80’s. Encouragingly it is still above recent years very low figures and my impression at least was the “quality and size” of the spikes was impressive.

Man Orchid Records 2016

The survey was made even more worthwhile for me by the wealth of knowledge available from participants to identify other plants (thank you for your patience) and the first sighting this year of a Bee Orchid in all its glory.

Watch this space for details of the Glow Worm walk provisionally scheduled for Saturday 2nd July – 9pm. Spaces for this popular event are limited so booking via is required.