Glow Worm Walk 2016

A dry but relatively chilly July evening saw 18 people on the reserve hunting through the long grass for signs of Glow worms. As the sun set Chris gave us an initial general introduction to the reserve and some flower spotting in the dusk along with the odd moth and caterpillar. Once the skies darkened and a description of the life cycle of the glow worm, explaining the fact that it is only the adult females who glow, we set off “eyes rooted to the ground” seeking that first sighting. Fortunately not too far along the path the first little green light was spotted and capably captured for us all to enjoy a close up view of this beetle. After releasing our first beetle further sightings on the circuitous route back to the car park secured a total of seven sightings (at least for the tail-end of the group) the majority of these of beetles staying well hidden in the depths of the grass out of the cool wind. A further three on the roadside verge on my way back to the village from the car park brought my own total to ten beetles on my first glow worm walk.

A very big thank you to Chris for yet again (I am not sure how many times he has led these walks?) providing an interesting talk and general information on all sorts of topics about the reserve.