Purpose of the Friends – Promote Understanding of the Reserve

To maintain the quality of the flora and fauna and therefore the status of this very special place as a National Nature Reserve it is essential that the broad community of visitors understand the significance of the “Hills and Holes” in conservation terms.

Therefore the primary aim of the group is to inform and engage visitors and potential visitors with the significant aspects of the reserve. Especially how the reserve needs to be managed to ensure the fantastic diversity and significant populations of rare plants is maintained over the years and hopefully made more robust for future generations to enjoy.

This aim can be achieved by organising and providing  good publicity of events (e.g. annual glow worm walk, guided walks etc..). By good use of this website and facebook page and many other mechanisms that are available.

The organising, publicity and communication element of this is a key contribution you could help make to the success of the group, so please do get in touch with your ideas and offers to help or come along to the AGM on 16th January to find out more.