Purpose of the Friends – Monitoring and Surveys

Over the past few years since its formation the Friends have assisted with the annual Man Orchid count in both good and foul weather! Last year we took on the challenge of the weekly Butterfly transects and we would like to continue to expand the role we play in providing and maintaining this historical data set.

With¬† continued cuts to Natural England’s budget their capacity to continue with the detailed surveys of Orchid species that have taken place annually sine the mid-1970’s is under significant threat.

The routine monitoring of butterflies on the site is dependent upon regular weekly (weather permitting) visits of about 1 hour to walk a set route around the reserve.

It would be wonderful to update some of the quadrat survey work on flora undertaken in the past and for those¬† with an interest in invertebrates the last major survey was in 1990 so feel free to get your “bug” books out and help see what has changed!

Please do get in touch with us if you would like to contribute to this and to find out more come and talk to us at the AGM on 16th January.