Outcomes from Committee Meeting

The committee met last night (thank you once again to The Millstone pub for hosting us).

The major issue we face is finding a secretary, somebody (or bodies) willing to help coordinate event dates, record simple action lists and meeting notes from the two/three committee meetings a year. We have plenty of support from Natural England and financially are secure at present but we do need another volunteer if the group is to function effectively so please consider getting in touch. (records@fbhh.org.uk)

Other opportunities areĀ  to seek funding from a local government initiative to help improve the site and to manage a specific improvement project again please let us know if you are able to help.

On a more positive note we have made some progress in arranging events for 2017 and as dates and timings are agreed please look out for these on the website or on Facebook (and also unfortunately for updates due to weather!)

A final request for membership fees to be paid and a big thank you for the circa 25 members who have already renewed.

A final thank you to the sheep who have completed their many months of conservation work on the reserve and have now left to enjoy a well earned “holiday”. It always seems a shame they do not get to enjoy the rewards of their labour but I know we will this spring and summer with another fine floral display.