Friends Of Barnack Hills and Holes

Constitution & Mission (adopted at an inaugural meeting on 30th January 2014)

Aims and objectives

The aims and objectives are to support the staff of Natural England in caring for Barnack Hills and Holes National Nature Reserve, in order to achieve the site’s potential as an international biodiversity hotspot, a local amenity and an educational resource, and to conserve it for future generations. The Friends of Barnack Hills and Holes is a voluntary group. It will harness the ideas, commitment and expertise of local people, supporting the vision detailed in the Reserve Management Plan that the Reserve will continue to be a haven for wildlife, where visitors can experience carpets of wild flowers in a centuries-old landscape grazed by traditional breeds of sheep.
This will be achieved through the following actions:
i.    Assisting with practical site management.
ii.   Fostering interest in and increasing understanding of the Reserve by running an events programme for various age groups.
iii.  Participating in projects and investigations relevant to the conservation of the site.
iv.  Promoting The Friends of Barnack Hills and Holes via publicity such as a web site, newsletters, displays and participation at local events.
v.   Offering ideas for revision of the Reserve Management Plan, when appropriate.
vi. Generating income from members, events, donations or grants to be used to further the objectives of the group
vii. Liaising with all relevant organisations where they can help to achieve our objectives
vii. Developing Friends’ interests further through training and social activities.



The organisation is called Friends of Barnack Hills and Holes.


Membership is open to anyone wishing to support the aims of the organisation. Affiliate membership is open to groups and institutions on the same basis.


The Committee is responsible for organising the activities of the organisation and overseeing its finances, and comprises Chair, Vice-chair, Secretary, Treasurer and three or more other members, each with a specified area of responsibility. At least one member must be a resident of Barnack Parish. The Committee has the power to co-opt members for specific purposes or to fill vacancies. Any member of The Friends of Barnack Hills and Holes is eligible to be elected to the Committee.
Elections are carried out at each Annual General Meeting by voting on a simple majority basis, provided that a quorum of at least 10 members is present. Appointment to the Committee is for a period of 12 months and thereafter members are eligible for re-election for up to five consecutive years.


Accounts are to be kept by the Treasurer and reported annually. A bank account is required. All transactions must be approved by the Committee and cheques must bear the signatures of the Treasurer and one other Committee member. The annual membership fee for Friends will remain modest, the amount being agreed at each Annual General Meeting. In the event of the dissolution of The Friends of Barnack Hills and Holes, any remaining funds will be sent to another voluntary organisation with similar aims, at the discretion of the Committee, with the exception of money attributable to grants, which will be returned to the grant-giving bodies.


Annual General Meetings are held, at which any amendment to the Constitution is approved by a straight majority. At least three committee meetings are held each year, the quorum being four. A minimum of three meetings or activities for the general membership must be organised each year.
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